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Wedding hair prep Canton OH | Scissor Wizard Hair Design Canton OHSpecial Occasion Styling, like wedding hair prep, takes pre-planning so don’t wait until the last minute to schedule. Your big day is about to arrive! The day you have dreamt of for so long. You are about to marry the man of your dreams and you want all of your planning to come together without any glitches.

But, are you planning enough time to get your hair in shape? Yes, the fancy fixings and hairstyles for both you and your attendants will be performed on your wedding day just in time for the ceremony. This should already have been scheduled with your favorite hair stylist, hopefully with a Scissor Wizard Hair Design specialist. 🙂

However, there is more to consider. You are the center of attention, but do you or your bridesmaids need a hair perm so that your special styles can have the full visual impact desired? A hair perm takes time to fully set before washing or adding color or highlights. This service will need to be performed by your stylist several days before the big event. Even your hairstyle should wait for several days after getting a hair perm. Don’t forget to advise your hair stylist if you plan on getting a hair perm before you wedding day. Learn more about perms by clicking here.Wedding hair prep Canton OH | Scissor Wizard Hair Design Canton OH

Your imagination is the only limitation on determining your special occasion styling. We highly recommend browsing  magazines and websites for examples of  hairstyles to consider. If you are planning your wedding, every bride wants something to be unique on their wedding day and your hairstyle could be one of them. Many family members and your bridesmaids may be used in selecting your wedding gown, but your hairstyle is something that can be kept secret from everyone until the moment you walk down the aisle. Consider your hair carefully for your special occasion styling as it can dazzle your guests and give jaw dropping expressions as you proudly display your beauty.

Here are some classic and unique hairstyles to consider:
– wrapped chic chignon
– weaved braids
– weaved braids with blossoms woven in
– wrapped headband
– the swept bun look
– swept back bun with flowers blended in
– french twist classic look
– braids of rapunzel
– braided top knot
– wrapped braid
– classic curl perm
– bun with braided bang
– the knot with pearls
– the low bun
– a flower halo
– cascading braid
– layered twists with bun
– the fishtail braid
– loose curls
– ponytail wrap
– the upside down french braid

Yes, the choices seem to be endless, but there is one that is sure to be best for you. The addition of flower blossoms, vines or a string of small roses or pearls will add flare and beauty to almost any hairstyle you choose.

We at Scissor Wizard Hair Design desire to be your choice for your special occasion styling. We love bringing out your real beauty.

Stop by or call today to schedule a consultation appointment. 330-477-6763

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