Highlights & Coloring

One of the best ways to freshen your appearance and add some excitement to your life is to add highlights to your hair. For a completely different look change your hair color completely! You’ll be sure to draw some attention and comments that hair highligts or hair coloring adds.

The choice is really up to you. Normally, adding highlights is a more subtle change although depending on the color and extent of the highlights it could be dramatic. Changing your hair color tends to be a more bold move. Either way, Scissor Wizard Hair Design is here to help you. We use the highest quality colors and conditioners from Paul Mitchell Salon Products to ensure a top notch and long-lasting change.

Subtlety with highlights tends to give a more high society and fashion-wise look while a full color change tends to be a way to put yourself in front of the crowd. It all depends on your personality and purpose.

You can inject some life into your dark head of hair with some very subtle blonde highlights. The touches of blonde catch light rays in a way that dark hair cannot. By adding some purple or red highlights to dark hair you can present a more drastic change without trying to steal the limelight (maybe just sharing it)! We at Scissor Wizard Hair Design have lots of ideas for helping you achieve the flair you are looking for.

Perhaps you like your hair color. You can add dimension, depth and feel more trendy by incorporating highlights that don’t require foil wraps. That will allow the color to blend in more naturally rather than stand out on its own.Hair Coloring | Scissor Wizard Hair Design Canton OH

One thing to consider before making your choice between a color change and highlights is that highlights may be more gentle on your hair. Since a color change usually requires a good amount of bleach it tends to be more damaging to your hair. That will most certainly result in a dry, frizzy look. A good conditioner will help bring the hair back to a healthy sheen and shine.

Together with your hair stylist you’ll make the best decision for you. Having the professional touch by a Scissor Wizard stylist will bring a satisfaction and smile to your face. Give us a call or stop by today to schedule an appointment. We love bringing out your real beauty! 330-477-6763

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