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Nails-Manicures Canton OH | Scissor Wizard Hair Design Canton OH At Scissor Wizard Hair Design we offer a gel manicure nail service. Gel polishes are increasingly popular and provide a hard, glossy, long-lasting finish. Gel polishes come in a wide variety of colors and we believe they offer the best value for our customers.

When properly applied and cared for, gel manicures are gentle on your nails and stay hard with no cracking, chipping or peeling for at least a couple of weeks. Staying chip free and maintaining their gloss are two of the main benefits over regular at home nail polish.

Gel manicures have several advantages over other acrylic nail polishes used at other salons. Gel nails are more flexible than acrylics and the finish looks more natural. When properly applied gel polishes do not harm the nail bed, unlike acrylics.

Gel polishes are for anyone without weak or damaged nail beds. Whether you have long, short or glued on nails a gel manicure can add spice to your appearance and dress.

The process used to apply gel polishes starts very much like any nail manicure service. The natural nails are trimmed, fingers are lightly soaked, cuticles trimmed and your hands are thoroughly cleaned. The difference begins with the application of the polish. Unlike regular nail polishes, gel polishes are cured and hardened using a UV light rather that air drying. First a special polish is applied that preps your nails for the colored layers and then the whole process is finished with a top gloss coat. After each layer is applied your nails are placed under a UV light to cure them.Nails-Manicures Canton OH | Scissor Wizard Hair Design Canton OH

Because of the hard surface of the polish, gel manicures are very resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling. That does not mean that they cannot be damaged, however, and proper care needs to be exercised to maintain their appearance for as long as possible. Gloves are recommended when washing dishes and harsh detergents or cleaning chemicals should not come into contact with your nails.

There is some concern that gel polishes damage or weaken the natural nail bed. However, the actual nail polish is not the concern but rather the removal process that can cause damage. The removal process is different from removing regular nail polish with finger nail polish remover. To remove gel polish correctly requires time, patience and most importantly no picking or scraping.

An acetone (finger nail polish remover) soaked cotton ball is placed over the nail and held in place with a foil covering for 10-15 minutes. Afterward the nail polish should easily slide off the nail without any scraping or filing. For stubborn spots a wooden stick can be used to gently push it off.

The health of your natural nails should be your concern and we at Scissor Wizard Hair Design make it a top priority. Any nail polish deprives your nails of natural air and moisture. Therefore, we recommend giving your nails a “breather” after every two or three gel polish applications. The use of a cuticle oil and providing your nails with a week or so breather will ensure that your nails stay hydrated and healthy.

Please consult with your Scissor Wizard professional stylist if you have any questions or concerns. It is our desire to keep your hair and nails looking healthy and beautiful! Give us a call or stop by today to schedule an appointment. 330-477-6763

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